The History of Mexican Tortillas

Mexicali Fresh Mex GrillWhen walking down the bread isle of the grocery store you can find an assortment of different tortilla shells ranging in size, ingredients even different health benefits! How did the tortilla, which originated in Mexico, become one of the top bread products sold in the United States? [Read more…]

Mexican Revolution Day (Dia de la Revolución)

Mexicali Fresh Mex GrillEvery year on the third Monday of November, Revolution Day (or Dia de la Revolución) is celebrated in Mexico, marking the start of what became the Mexican Revolution. [Read more…]

Mexican Food History

Mexicali Fresh Mex GrillEverything in this world has its own bit of history. The sidewalk you walk on, the building you work in, the house you live in, even the air molecules you breathe have been around for years upon years. The same goes for the food we eat, every chomp we take out of a dish is a bite out of history. This is not only speaks to the history of the ingredients themselves, but the history of the recipe and customs that went into making the dish. While food from every culture has an incredible backstory, Mexican cuisine is one of the most historic cuisines the world has to offer, and this history is evident in every dish. [Read more…]

Chimichanga Recipe

Mexicali Fresh Mex, CT, MAThe chimichanga is not only delicious, but is also an incredibly fun word to pronounce. Saying “chimichanga” is almost as enjoyable as eating one. And for as much love as chimichangas get nationwide, what is a chimichanga, and where did it come from? [Read more…]

Mexican Tostada Recipe

Mexicali Fresh MexWhen making a list of Mexican Food, tostada does not often come first. People will naturally go to their favorites like tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, and just not mention tostadas at all. Well, here is some appreciation for the unheralded tostada.

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Gordita Recipe

Mexicali Fresh Mex, MA, CTEveryone knows the famous Mexican dishes: burritos, tacos, quesadillas, etc. But there are many less heralded Mexican dishes as well, such as gringas, entomadas, and lengua. Here we will be looking into one of those lesser known dishes, as we learn how to make gorditas.

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5 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Real Mexican Food

Mexicali Fresh Mex, MAThe popularity of Mexican food in the United States unfortunately causes some confusion as to what “real” Mexican food is. If you have ever traveled to Mexico, you probably have a better idea of what Mexican food in Mexico is like, and how it is different from “Tex Mex.” However, if you are curious about real Mexican food, look no further. Below are just a few examples of common misunderstanding about Mexican foods, as well as some interesting facts about Mexican food and drink we bet you never knew! [Read more…]

7 Traditional Mexican Fruits and Vegetables

With spring finally at our doorstep, it is time to start thinking about gardening! There is nothing better than cooking with fresh produce.
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Two Great Vegetarian Mexican Recipes to Try

When you think of a taco, you think of meat, right? Not anymore! There are plenty of great Mexican options out there that vegetarians can enjoy!

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3 Margaritas that Will Have you Dreaming of Spring

If you can’t stand the cold, pour a margarita! Whether it is in a martini or a pint glass, margaritas are one of the most common tequila-based cocktails in the country, so it is about time to shake up the variety! Why just have a margarita when you could be sipping one of these classy cocktails while dreaming of sun bathing poolside?
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