The History of Mexican Tortillas

Mexicali Fresh Mex GrillWhen walking down the bread isle of the grocery store you can find an assortment of different tortilla shells ranging in size, ingredients even different health benefits! How did the tortilla, which originated in Mexico, become one of the top bread products sold in the United States? [Read more…]

5 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Real Mexican Food

Mexicali Fresh Mex, MAThe popularity of Mexican food in the United States unfortunately causes some confusion as to what “real” Mexican food is. If you have ever traveled to Mexico, you probably have a better idea of what Mexican food in Mexico is like, and how it is different from “Tex Mex.” However, if you are curious about real Mexican food, look no further. Below are just a few examples of common misunderstanding about Mexican foods, as well as some interesting facts about Mexican food and drink we bet you never knew! [Read more…]