Mexican Burger Recipe

Mexican Burger Recipe - Mexicali Fresh Mex Yes, the hamburger is an American dish. No one would ever want to take the heart of American Cuisine away from the land of the free and the home of the brave. So while the burger’s roots will always remain in the USA, the dish has migrated globally. All cultures are adding their spin on the hamburger, including those south of our border.

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Amazing Chile Relleno Recipe

Originally from the city of Pueblo, chile rellenos are a delicious work of art. This delicious chile rellenos (which literally means “stuffed chile”) recipe features pasilla chiles grilled and charred to perfection, stuffed with queso fresco cheese, and covered in a tasty egg batter. Like many Mexican recipes, adding rice and beans as a side dish will add some complementing flavors and texture.

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Brilliant Breakfast Burrito Recipe

The burrito might be the perfect food. You can customize it with many variations of meats, vegetables, spices, and herbs. The burrito can be a vegetarian or a meat lover’s meal. They can be eaten at restaurants, at your home, or even on-the-go. You can have it spicy or bland, depending on your preference. Finally, the burrito can be eaten at any time of the day. Normally thought of as a lunch or dinner option, burritos are good any time of the day.

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Mexican Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a themed gift idea for someone who loves Mexican culture, here are a list of ideas.

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What is a Chimichanga?

A wheat tortilla wrapped around a meat filling, deep-fried to a golden-brown perfection, topped with cheeses and sauces, and served in a bed of lettuce along with re-fried beans… If this sounds amazing to you, it’s no wonder you want to know more about chimichangas. [Read more…]

Healthy Mexican Recipes to Fit Into Your Diet

It can be difficult for people on a diet to stick to it because some of the best tasting foods are unhealthy. Contrary to popular believe, not all Mexican dishes are loaded with calories and fat.  Here are some Mexican recipes that are fewer than 300 calories, and you can make them right at home. With these recipes, the urges for bad food will disappear because all these healthy dishes will curb any craving.  [Read more…]

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

The poblano pepper is quite common in Mexican cuisine, since it originated in Puebla, Mexico. [Read more…]

How to Roast Green Chiles

One great way to kick up any meal is to top it with roasted green chiles. [Read more…]

3 Mexican Sushi Recipes

According to, Japanese and Mexican food are within the top five of America’s favorite types of cuisine. [Read more…]

4 Great Super Bowl Appetizer Ideas, Mexican Style

If this were Family Feud and a hundred people were asked, “What’s your favorite part about the Super Bowl?”, we’re willing to bet the top answer would be food. [Read more…]