Mexican Stir Fry

Mexican Stir Fry - Mexicali Fresh Mex Everyone loves a good stir fry. They are delicious and can be customized in so many ways. You can decide what (if any) meat the dish is based around, what vegetables get included, and even the spices you add for flavoring. No matter of one’s taste buds or preferences, there is a stir fry ready for their enjoyment.

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Chimichanga Recipe

Mexicali Fresh Mex, CT, MAThe chimichanga is not only delicious, but is also an incredibly fun word to pronounce. Saying “chimichanga” is almost as enjoyable as eating one. And for as much love as chimichangas get nationwide, what is a chimichanga, and where did it come from? [Read more…]

A Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe to Keep You Warm This Winter

As the weather continues to get chillier, many of us begin to hibernate in big sweaters and under warm blankets. And nothing pairs better with a cold winter’s night like a warm cup of hot cocoa. [Read more…]

A Fiesta in Your Mouth: Add a New Twist to the Classic Mexican 7-Layer Dip

From birthday parties to backyard barbeques, nothing gets a party going quite like a great dip! At some point, though, they all just begin to taste like the same mixture of sour cream and cheese. Don’t your taste buds deserve more? Of course they do! Which is why you need to try this remixed and revitalized Mexican 7-layer dip from Annie’s Eats for your next party or outing. This recipe will once again have your taste buds saying “ole”! [Read more…]

Healthy Mexican Recipes to Fit Into Your Diet

It can be difficult for people on a diet to stick to it because some of the best tasting foods are unhealthy. Contrary to popular believe, not all Mexican dishes are loaded with calories and fat.  Here are some Mexican recipes that are fewer than 300 calories, and you can make them right at home. With these recipes, the urges for bad food will disappear because all these healthy dishes will curb any craving.  [Read more…]